Ghoul, Interrupted

A little over a year ago, I wrote a short post about Zombie Awareness Month and the dangers of letting oneself be slowly consumed. I wrote it at a time when I felt my fears closing in on me, intent on pulling me apart piece by piece. Quelle dramatique I know, but I’ve found a useful way to help me understand and process the challenges of this past year is to relate them to a zombie invasion scenario.

This guy knows what I’m talking about. (Click here for source)

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Kind Monsters, Living-Dead Girls and Sad Scribblings

Long ago, when my hair was brown and my age in single digits, I would dress my motley assortment of Barbie dolls in their fanciest gowns, dab some baby powder on their faces and press a pair of painstakingly-handcrafted Plasticine vampire fangs to their lips. They would all take turns playing the roles of Dracula’s murderous brides and Bram Stoker’s human heroines. It should be noted that they did a commendable job. Continue reading “Kind Monsters, Living-Dead Girls and Sad Scribblings”

Wasted on the Living

twinkiesLife has had me by the throat lately, with undeadlines and the like ruling my nights and days. But in the spirit of Zombie Awareness Month, I am attempting to rejoin the world of the living, even if that means nothing more than writing the occasional blog about something I love.

Something to think about in the coming days while rewatching Shaun of the Dead or poring over your favourite chapters of World War Z. Destruction doesn’t always come towards us in the form of a shuffling, brain-hungry horde that we can face head-on with a well-aimed swing of a cricket bat. More often it creeps up on us in more insidious ways and gently eats at us, pulls the life from us mouthful by mouthful, leaving our eyes glassy and our insides empty. It may not fall on us with gnashing teeth and lolling tongues, but be assured it will consume us as inevitably as a pack of Z’s if we fail to fight back.

What’s gnawing at you right now, and what survival strategy do you have in place to take it down? This Zombie Awareness Month, let’s all take a stand against those things that would stealthily eat us alive. Stay strong, my fiends.


This first post on my new blog is short, sweet and more than a little spooky – much like myself (see what I did there).


February is Women in Horror Month, which I think makes it a rather auspicious time to be starting my little horror blog. And what better day to begin, than on a Wednesday?


If you like bats and black cats, monster movies, gory comics and cartoon horror, gloomy days and stormy nights, all manner of creepy things, and the strange little girls who write about them – then keep an eye on this blog and share your thoughts with me in the Comments. You can also send spooky Tweets to @GhoulNextD00r, or say my name three times while staring in a mirror, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

I look forward to hanging with you (that is a bat joke).

Bugs and squishes,

The Ghoul Next Door