Just Ghouly Things…


While my taste leans decidedly towards the creepy and the kooky, mysterious and spooky, I do also have a soft spot for the prettier and sparklier things in life. And I love how these two aesthetics, the girly and the gruesome, can sit side-by-side in such a way that each complements the other. In the spirit of blending and balancing the two, this latest little exorcise exercise of mine takes its inspiration from the popular “Just Girly Things” meme. By juxtaposing the wording from original Girly Things posts with images from some of my favourite horror movies, I’ve put a dark twist on those more conventionally “girly” moments in everyday life.

I had fun making these Just Ghouly Things, and I hope you spooky sweethearts enjoy them…

Vengeful ghost hair don’t care.

If it’s in a word, or it’s in a look…

Morticia and Gomez continue to give all us creepy kids some serious Relationship Goals.

Brent and Lola’s  near-perfect prom date.

Speaking of which, what girl doesn’t dream of being crowned as prom queen?

Those deep meaningful conversations.

When you let the bubbles just soak the stress away after a hard day…

There will be more of these to come in the near future, although I’m currently haunting a cursed mirror that bridges the gap between this world and the next so my schedule is a little crowded. You know how these things are.

Stay spooky,

The Ghoul Next Door


Author: TheGhoulNextDoor

I'm just your average purple-haired witch-baby who loves a bit of gore in her life.

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