Six-Word Scares

coraline.jpgBeing a writer by day, which keeps me happily occupied out of the sun, I’m familiar with (and enamoured of) the legendary six-word novel, which cuts straight to the heart of a story by telling it in the most succinct way possible. This raw, bare-bones approach to storytelling really lends itself to horror; it can work either by delivering a short, sharp shock, or by leaving your imagination to fill in the darkest gaps.

I’ve been dreaming up some of my own six-word horror stories, and here are (appropriately) six of them:


My sleep ended; my nightmare didn’t.


It’s getting closer and closer and


Sun shining; birds singing; victims decomposing.


Stole his heart (not a metaphor).


And still, never stopping, it follows.


My reflection smiled while I screamed.

I’d love it if all you spooky kids out there would create and share some six-word scares of your own. Leave one in the Comments, tweet @GhoulNextD00r using the hashtag #SixWordScares or write it down and bury it under a rowan tree at full moon. I’ll be waiting.


Author: TheGhoulNextDoor

I'm just your average purple-haired witch-baby who loves a bit of gore in her life.

3 thoughts on “Six-Word Scares”

  1. 1.
    Play with me, beneath my skin

    Your fingerprints have never washed off

    The chainsaw screams. but she didn’t.

    Cut flesh, carry this piece of you

    Meant to be, die for me

    Stole my heart, i devoured hers

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